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The Movement of 10,000 (MVMT10K) is a digital platform to inform, inspire & ignite equitable change and justice in our community.

Join others in our community to learn, grow and share perspectives with a shared goal of creating a Central Indiana community known for being the most inclusive and anti-racist region in the nation.


MVMT10K is a digital platform advancing racial equity through learning, behavior change, action and engagement. MVMT10K was created by The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). The Indianapolis Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation with a mission to mobilize people, ideas and investments to make Indianapolis a community where all individuals have equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter place, race or identity. The foundation will collectively recruit and engage at least 10,000 people across the community over the next three years. Participants will engage in racial equity work, commit to anti-racist actions and make works of equity a life’s practice.
This is a movement for everyone—an invitation for people of all identities to come together to learn, grow and share perspectives—to build relationships in authentic and radical ways. We are all socialized to perpetuate and maintain systems of oppression, and we can all take the responsibility to learn how we can be a part of dismantling it. We recognize the responsibility primarily sits with White people to do the learning and unlearning. People of color have their own lived experiences that inform them of the existence and impact of systemic racism within our communities. Platform is limited to people over the age of 18 due to the social components of the platform and liability. The learning opportunities presented can certainly be shared and are appropriate for high-schoolers.
Neither The Indianapolis Foundation nor CICF claim to be experts in anti-racism. We are inviting the community to join us in our continued learning. Our goal is to engage 10,000 people—and more—to make a significant influence on creating equitable change and dismantling system racism in our community. This is a space to help connect you to resources and support as you navigate this work. (Think of it as a gym for your journey towards anti-racism.)
Today, more people than ever before are talking honestly about the significant challenges of racial inequity, systemic racism and America’s racial history. Specifically, more people are acknowledging that America's systems are set up to the disadvantage of people of color. These are hard discussions for many of us. Some feel confused about terminology, skeptical about facts that contradict what we learned in school and scared to say or do the wrong thing. That is understandable. Others have long seen the racial inequities in American society or lived them; we just don’t know what we’re supposed to do about it. That, too, is understandable. If you have ever felt like this, this platform is for you.


If you have questions about MVMT10K, please contact us at [email protected].

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